Clinton campaign has committed the stupidest blunder of the presidential race yet

The media are protecting the Clinton campaign, as usual.  According to the mainstream narrative, voters are supposed to believe that Donald Trump presents a mortal danger to American foreign policy because of a penchant to say stupid and reckless things.  Yet it is the Clinton campaign that has said something so outrageous that the prime minister of a faithful ally is demanding an apology, as is the foreign minister of another, and two domestic ethnic voting blocs are up in arms.

It all began a week ago yesterday, when Bill Clinton said something outrageous at a Clinton campaign rally in New Jersey:

Former US President Bill Clinton said that Poland and Hungary “have now decided Democracy is too much trouble, therefore “they want Putin-like leadership.”

The former US President was speaking about the Central European countries to offer some comparison to Republican candidate and Hillary’s potential rival Donald Trump. “Just give me an authoritarian dictatorship and keep the foreigners out, sound familiar?”, Clinton said. Hungary and Poland would not be free today without the United States and the long cold war, he insisted.

The insult to the democratically elected governments that are defending their borders from uncontrolled Muslim invaders may have gone unnoted by the domestic media, but in Hungary and Poland, they sparked outrage.  In Poland:

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton should apologize to the Poles for having said they think “democracy is too much trouble” and want to have an “authoritarian dictatorship,” Poland’s prime minister said Wednesday.

Beata Szydlo called Clinton’s words “unjustified and simply unfair.”

“With all due respect, and without using coarse words (Clinton) exaggerated and should apologize to us,” she told Polish state radio on Wednesday. (snip)

The head of Poland’s conservative ruling party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, said Clinton is misinformed.

“If someone says there is no democracy in Poland today, that means he should have a medical test,” he said.

And in Hungary:

Not even a former President of the United States can allow himself to insult the Hungarian people, Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs has said in response to former US President Bill Clinton’s claims that Poland and Hungary “have now decided democracy is too much trouble, therefore “they want Putin-like leadership.”

In a statement sent to the state news agency MTI, Mr. Szijjártó wrote that contrary to Bill Clinton’s claims, Hungary’s freedom was delivered by Hungarian people and not the United States, with tens of thousands of Hungarians sacrificing their lives for Hungarian freedom. “To underestimate the freedom struggle of the Hungarian people in such a way is unacceptable”, the foreign minister said.

While the mainstream media are protecting the campaign, ethnic media in the American Hungarian and Polish communities (there are an estimated 10 million Polish-Americans, with significant numbers in swing states Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania as well as deep blue Illinois) are not observing the omerta.  And yesterday, Hillary Clinton faced a demonstration of Polish-Americans in her home town of Park Ridge, Illinois.  Raheem Kassam reports in Breitbart:

A large group of Polish-American protesters descended on a Hillary Clinton rally in her hometown of Park Ridge, Illinois to demonstrate against “offensive” comments made by Bill Clinton about the state of Polish and Hungarian democracy.

Following the international furore caused by Mr. Clinton – who said “democracy is too much trouble” for Poland, and that the country wants an “authoritarian dictatorship” – a group of Polish-Americans descended on a Hillary campaign stop to demand “no more Clintons!” on Thursday.

The group carried signs that read “Hands Off Polish Democracy” and “Poland: Leader In Freedom And Democracy”.

The demonstration was covered by Chicago-based Polish-language cable channel Polonia:

Picture courtesy of Darek Kuczborski on Facebook

Richard Baehr wonders if Bill Clinton is losing his political touch.  He has now created a problem for Hillary, and the Trump campaign is not likely to remain as silent on the issue as ABC-NBC-CBS-NYT.

Hat tip: Richard Baehr

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