Chelsea says: send money to ‘my mom’ to celebrate Mother’s Day

Shamelessness evidently is heritable, although it is not clear whether nature or nurture is at play in the case of Chelsea Clinton. The Hillary campaign still needs money to fight Bernie Sanders, whose position in the upcoming Western primaries threatens to embarrass her even more, and make her margin of victory at the Philadelphia convention all too visibly dependent on the Big Fix, aka superdelegates. And relying on her Wall Street fat cat donors looks even worse. Hence the need to prattle on about motherhood as a reason to support a woman who has pursued the worldly goals of money and power her entire career as mother to a single child who had nannies ever since ancient times in the Arkansas governor’s mansion.

Derek Hunter of the Daily Caller got hold of a fundraising email sent out to millions, purportedly written by Chelsea:

With all the noise out there, it can be hard to remember how many of us there are who are standing with my mom, fighting by her side to break down the barriers that hold people back.

So for Mother’s Day, I thought we could show her just how many of us are on her side — that’s why I’m putting together a Mother’s Day card for the whole campaign family to sign.

Will you take a moment to add your name and send my mom some good thoughts? We’re going to give her the card and all the signatures on Sunday, and I know how much she’d appreciate hearing from you

Thank you. I’m so happy you’re part of this team — and I know my mom is, too.


I am confused. Are Clinton supporters a “family” or are they a “team”? I guess there are some families that also are teams. But when I think of families and sports teams, it brings to mind the Bushes, not the Clintons. And how would the Clinton family be a team, what with only three in the nuclear family, and the extended family including portly failures like Hugh Rodham and Roger Clinton?

Is it just me, or does this photograph in the plea for cash suggest a caption like “Eeew…stop!”?

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