An idea for Mr. Trump

Our friend Thomas Lifson is right that we should get over it and support Trump.  Let me give Mr. Trump a few ideas to help me get over it and jump on the train:

1) Do a weekly policy address, sort of like the foreign policy speech of a couple days ago.  Outline specifics and some of the proposals that a President Trump would present to Congress.  He should read Karl Rove's last column:

Mr. Trump must also retool his stump speech. 

Voters will tire of The Donald if he doesn’t have a second rhetorical act with far fewer insults and more substance. 

Reading more speeches from a teleprompter, particularly on the economy, will help. 
The Trumpistas argue that voters don’t need details, but those up for grabs in November do. 
These speeches will put meat on the bones of his policy views and yield new material for the stump.

He can start by discussing the last 2-3 economic reports:

The U.S. economy added the fewest number of jobs in seven months in April and Americans dropped out of the labor force in droves, signs of weakness that cast doubts on whether the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates before the end of the year.

2) We don't the need the name of the V.P. or the people in the Cabinet this month.  Instead, Mr. Trump can tell us what he believes the role of government is.   

3) Connect Hillary Clinton with the lousy public schools in minority districts.  In other words, these schools are exhibit A of the corrupt relationship between the Democratic Party and the teachers unions.  Talk about bringing back the cities, currently in control of Democrats.  My guess is that such a message will connect with a lot of African-Americans living in these districts.   

There are other ideas, of course.

Mr. Trump has two months to close the deal.  He should stop campaigning and start thinking about the president he wants to be.

Finally, it would help if he'd stop talking about Mexico paying for the fence.  It is a silly issue and misses the real benefit of having a fence on the border.  The fence will benefit both countries, and serious people in Mexico know that.    

Again, Mr. Trump has been a great opportunity – i.e., two months to mend some of the things that he broke.

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