$2.2 trillion and growing: The post-NAFTA trade deficit with Canada and Mexico

Donald Trump has certainly got Mexico's attention.  Former Mexican president Vicente Fox is becoming increasingly incoherent – first insulting Trump, then apologizing, and now insulting again, then calling Trump supporters "lazy, uneducated, TV-watching drunks." What has the West come to when the ramblings of a corrupt and clearly unintelligent individual from a third-world narco-state get taken seriously among any section of the political spectrum? Now Trump needs to get the attention of Canada, and keep it.  Because as much of an economic parasite as Mexico has been to the U.S., the northern neighbor is keeping pace with this dubious honor.  Both of America's neighbors are hotbeds of anti-Americanism that could be readily punished through suitably designed trade sanctions. And a good place to start would be tearing up NAFTA – the deeply flawed North American Free Trade Act – which has been disastrous for the U.S....(Read Full Post)