Worst. Hillary. Introduction. Ever.

It turns out that Delaware Democratic senator Tom Carper is a back-bencher for a reason.  Following honorable service as a naval flight officer, including in the Vietnam War, he became a state bureaucrat in Delaware and then entered politics.  As Democrats go, he is not a progressive firebrand.  This pretty much doomed him to the back bench – along with his highly questionable skills in front of a crowd.

At a Hillary Clinton campaign rally Monday in Wilmington, Senator Carper managed to humiliate himself and Hillary by choosing to try to lead the crowd in a chant that only reminded everyone of the sleaze of Hillary’s acquisition of her considerable wealth.  And failing.

It’s painful to watch if you have empathy for a flailing speaker losing a crowd.  But it is hilarious if you think, “She works hard for her money,” the Donna Summer hit, does not apply to woman who gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for showing up and talking for 45 minutes to a bunch of Wall Street fat cats.


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