Words of wisdom from Hillary on 'dating etiquette'

I'm not sure exactly what this has to do with presidential politics, except as another way for Hillary Clinton to play the gender card.

The magazine Cosmopolitan published an interview with Clinton in which she expounded on her theories regarding who should pick up the check on a dinner date.

Washington Examiner:

"Look, I think splitting the cost on a date has to be evaluated on a kind of case-by-case basis," Clinton said in an interview with Cosmopolitan.

She was asked how today's feminism translates to current practices for young women.

"You know, many years ago I remember doing that, and I know a lot of young people who even today do because they kind of consider more casual dates, group dates, to be ones where everybody pays their fair share, but I think you also have to be alert to the feelings of the person that you are dating," she added.

"If it's important to that person to either split in the beginning of the relationship, or for one or the other of you to pay for whatever combination of reasons, you know, you just have to evaluate that and take it into account," she added. "So I don't think there is a hard and fast rule, at least that I have ever seen followed in every instance."

I haven't dated anyone in 20 years, so I am completely in the dark about what young adults consider "proper" dating etiquette. 

But Hillary isn't sure, either.  Her diplomatic answer – yes, women should help pay except when they don't – reveals the kind of pandering that has turned off young women to her campaign.  There is no connection with a younger generation of women who have been brought up to believe that men are basically beasts and that American women are fearfully oppressed. 

Clinton's answer reflects  a 1970s mentality and is probably why Bernie Sanders is cleaning her clock with women under 40.