Why so many anti-LGBT hoax ‘hate crimes’?

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hate to go around, if the epidemic of hoaxes by LGBT folks falsely claiming persecution is any indication.  Rick Moran this morning covered the latest: a laughably inept attempt by a gay “reverend” in Austin, Texas to allege that a cake was inscribed with hatred for his sexual preference.



But so widespread is the practice that the Daily Wire was able to come up with a list of ten other such hoaxes, which have been discovered and disproven.  There seems to be sado-masochism in half of the incidents:


 In 2015, 21-year-old Rick Jones said he was assaulted and that somebody cut “Die F**” into his arm at his family pizzeria


 In 2015, Haakon Griswold told police that Lambdi Chi Alpha frat members at the University of North Dakota beat him up, choked him, and removed his clothes while subjecting him to anti-gay slurs. 


In 2012, lesbian woman Charlie Rogers was arrested for hoaxing the police after reporting that three men in ski masks invaded her home and bound her, beat her, spray painted her home with anti-gay slurs, and even carved her body before lighting her house on fire


In 2012, Joseph Baken of Missoula, Montana reported that he’d been beaten after walking into a bar and asking if anybody knew the location of the nearest gay bar. He then put up pictures of his bruised face on the internet. It turns out that Baken bruised his face 

And the kinkiest of all:


In 2011, a freshman at UNC-Chapel Hillclaimed that a man attacked him for his sexuality and tried to brand him with a hot knife

Would it be unkind to suggest that a certain amount of self-loathing was at play here?

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