White House censors 'Islamist terrorism' from French president remarks

How far will President Obama go in denying that terrorism is largely carried out by Islamists?  Not content with refusing to connect the words "Islam" and "terrorism" in his own speeches, the White House shockingly censored the words of French President François Hollande following a bilateral meeting because Hollande had the temerity to connect the words "Islamist" and "terrorism" in the president's presence. After a firestorm erupted on social media and conservative websites, the red-faced White House restored the original version of the video with the censored part added back in.  Unable to admit the truth, they lied about a "technical issue" that led to the dropping of the French president's words. Daily Mail: Hollande's remarks Thursday in Washington, following a bilateral meeting with President Barack Obama, urged continued cooperation between European nations and the United States to...(Read Full Post)