Washington Post glosses over the real reason for Palestinian terrorism

The Washington Post continues to be defender-in-chief for Palestinian atrocities against Israelis.  Readers are treated to more excuses for Palestinian terrorism than all other acts of terror combined.  According to Post reporter William Booth, the Palestinian child terrorists are "frustrated," "motivated by revenge," "social media," and "nationalism."  But that's not the kicker.  Booth goes on to claim that the actions of the young killers are also because they have "personal problems"!

Of all the youth in the world with "personal problems," why has only one such group resorted to stabbing people in the neck and detonating suicide bombs?

The Post also attempts to cast doubt on Palestinian complicity in a recent bus bombing.  Last week in Jerusalem, a bus exploded, injuring 21 people.  According to this same article, "[a]uthorities branded it a terrorist attack; investigators are searching for clues about who planted the device and why" as if something other than terrorism may have been involved.

Interestingly, the Post proceeds to contradict itself.  On the very same page as Mr. Booth's article is another article written by the same Mr. Booth, the "[a]lleged bomber of Jerusalem bus came from well-to-do Palestinian family"!  So the culprit was a Palestinian terrorist – but they just can't get themselves to fully admit it, so they say it is "alleged."  According to this article, what is known is a Palestinian youth, "Abdel Hamid Abu Srour[,] boarded the Egged No. 12 bus and placed a package between his legs."  DNA identified his remains.  In one article, the jury is still out on whether it was terrorism – in the other, it is "alleged."  But what is most notable, the child suicide bomber came from an affluent family with no known "personal problems."

To its credit, The Washington Post – though glossing over it – hit the real reason for children committing heinous crimes: "official incitement," or what it really is – brainwashing.  Instead of mentioning this reason among many possibilities, the Post should highlight it as the primary cause of Palestinian violence.  How else could children, from pretty much only this population, stoop to such brutality as blowing themselves up to kill others and committing the most intimate form of murder: stabbing people in the neck?  It certainly isn't "personal problems"!

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