UN, Obama admin, and nonprofits plot to increase number of ‘Syrian refugees’ twenty times, to 200K per year

A new euphemism has been constructed to lessen the impact of a plan to multiply by 20 the number of Muslims entering the United States and receiving funding to settle here.  It’s called “alternative safe pathways,” and it is a backdoor plan, not yet publicly acknowledged by its sponsors.  Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner explains:

In a move around the standard refugee settlement process in America, the United Nations and the administration are scheming to find other ways to boost the number of Syrians entering the country, from 10,000 this year to possibly 200,000.

U.S. officials, meeting with United Nations human rights officials in Geneva, joined in a project that looks to "alternative safe pathways" to setting Syrian refugees in America and Europe that include pushing colleges and universities to offer tuition programs and encouraging Syrians already in the country to open their homes to those who've fled the war-torn Middle East nation.

The plan already has one victory. Last week, the University of Southern California revealed that it is offering five free tuition programs for Syrian refugees, including one in the school's journalism program.

Rather than using tax-exempt funds to pay the tuition of Americans, the powers that be at USC and whatever other universities are persuaded (how?) to cooperate in the scheme will now be subsidizing the addition of Muslims to the United States.

This effort is taken completely outside the official framework known to the public.

The effort was revealed Monday in a Center for Immigration Studies post. It quoted a Georgetown University professor and U.N. refugee policy advisor who spelled out the backdoor plan to settle thousands more Syrians past the 10,000 President Obama has pledged to OK this year.

Beth Ferris, a research professor at Georgetown University and U.N. advisor, even suggested a total of 200,000 at a recent Brookings Institution conference:

"Refugees and government officials are expecting this crisis to last 10 or 15 years. It's time that we no longer work as business as usual ... UNHCR next month is convening a meeting to look at what are being called 'alternative safe pathways' for Syrian refugees. Maybe it's hard for the U.S. to go from 2,000 to 200,000 refugees resettled in a year, but maybe there are ways we can ask our universities to offer scholarships to Syrian students. Maybe we can tweak some of our immigration policies to enable Syrian-Americans who have lived here to bring not only their kids and spouses but their uncles and their grandmothers. There may be ways that we could encourage Syrians to come to the U.S. without going through this laborious, time-consuming process of refugee resettlement."

The population mix of the United States is already undergoing a deliberate transformation, which will have a dramatic effect of the foreign and domestic policies of the United States.  Pew projects that the fast-growing Muslim population will outnumber Jews in the fairly near future:

That this program is being plotted outside normal publicly visible channels tells us a lot.

Hat tip: Byron Hood