U. of Missouri to close 2 dorms due to lack of students

Back in early March, University of Missouri chancellor Hank Foley wrote a "Dear Mizzou Community" letter informing students and faculties that freshman enrollment was down by more than 1,500 students, creating a budget shortfall of $32 million.  The shortfall would mean job cuts and an increase in student fees.

Yesterday, the university informed students that two dorms would be shuttered in order to more efficiently use their facilities.

The school announced a 5 percent cut "to all annual recurring general revenue budgets" and an "across-the-board hiring freeze for all units on campus." The dorm closures are only the latest cost-cutting measures.

The school announced the closures on its Residents' Online Access to Rooms website. The two closed dorms contained Freshmen Interest Groups, special communities for first-year students housed within the dorms, which the university said could be available in other dorms.

"Due to an expected decrease in the number of students needing housing at Mizzou this year, Residential Life will not be offering space in Respect or Excellence Halls at this time," the university announced. "This is an effort to ensure we are using our halls in the most efficient manner, keeping our costs as low as possible so we can provide our students with the best possible living environments at an affordable cost."

Mizzou was ground zero for the campus protests that began last fall. Students protested perceived incidents of racism and demanded the university administration sufficiently acknowledge their feelings.

Both parents and students at MU appear to be finally pushing back against the madness.  In addition to fewer freshmen, some upperclassmen have left as well, putting a gaping hole in the school's budget.  Perhaps eventually, this will instill a backbone in school administrators and give them an incentive to resist the almost comical demands of protesters.

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