Trump supporters publishing names, home addresses, phone numbers of CO GOP party officials

Evidently taking a signal from Roger Stone, who openly threatened to harass delegates to the GOP convention in Cleveland by publishing their hotel room numbers, Trump supporters in Colorado have been posting the names, addresses, and phone numbers of GOP officials in Colorado.  They blame the officials for “rigging” the convention by creating a system last year for awarding delegates that Trump didn’t win.

The fact that Trump had the same opportunity as every other candidate to win delegates at the congressional district-level conventions the state has just conducted means nothing to them.  The fact that Ted Cruz conducted an effective campaign to win delegates, and even appeared in Colorado, while Trump did neither, is also somebody else’s fault, not Trump’s.

So now, in an obvious effort to intimidate, they rail against unfairness and post personal information.  Caleb Howe of RedState took images of Twitter posts and blocked the personal information.  Here are two examples:

The justification offered for exposing these individuals to intimidation:

Despite his screen name, I am pretty sure “Tom Paine” would not be able to identify what part of the Constitution is involved in determining state party convention delegate nominations.

And of course, the inevitable death threats have been coming.

The irony of Trump campaign official Paul Manafort denouncing “Gestapo tactics” on Meet the Press is obvious.

I am not holding my breath waiting for Trump to demand civility from his supporters, but he should.

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