Thinking the unthinkable: Could Sanders take the Dem nomination (and win the presidency, too)?

It’s been a very tough year for the political experts.  You know, the ones who scoffed at the very possibility of Trump nomination.  Well, another received truth of the expert class has been that Hillary Clinton is a lock for the top of the Democrats’ ticket.  (Just as she was in the early stages of 2008…)

Many of us (I plead guilty) have been gleefully reporting the trouble Bernie Sanders continues to give Hillary because he is exposing her as a phony, and because we are still fairly sure that the fix is in for her.  But there are starting to be some serious doubts about her inevitability.  A recent Fox News Poll confirms what some previous polls have indicated: Sanders is polling not just ahead of Hillary, but ahead of the entire GOP field.  While Hillary would lose to the unlikely nominee Kasich and is close to Ted Cruz, she handily beats Trump in polling.  But Sanders handily beats all of them.

Factor in what some are calling the “FBI Primary” or the “Comey Primary,” and the possibility of Sanders gaining broad superdelegate support becomes somewhat real.  Roger L. Simon summarizes the scenario:

If Sanders manages a victory in New York next Tuesday, all bets are off. The super delegates will be looking over their shoulders. Bernie will start to have a real claim on the nomination. If Hillary actually is indicted, or anything close, he will clearly have it. No way will the Democrats be able to get away with installing a last-minute candidate and risk alienating Sanders' army of backers.  That's over. (snip)

The American public has been educated by socialist teachers for decades. Most of the younger voters think that's what our government already is (and maybe they're right). How many out there have actually read The Federalist Papers?  .004%?  They don't even know basic civics.

The Republican candidate is going to have to educate the public, particularly the younger public, on what socialism is and why it is bad. This will not be an easy thing to do because Bernie is such a true believer and sounds so idealistic. He appeals to what people think is their better nature.

The fact is that Sanders, for all his socialist nonsense, is likable.  He clearly believes what he says, doesn’t use notes, and offers free stuff to people who don’t pay income taxes.  Through immigration and mis-education, the American electorate has been re-engineered to favor socialism, the doctrine that has failed every time it is tried.  Ask Denmark and Sweden, almost always cited as the models for American socialism, both of which have cut back their welfare states and lowered taxes in the face of stagnation.

It’s time to fear the Bern.