The New Yorker cartoons go all-out Trump-crazy

Just how deep under the media's skin have Donald Trump and his campaign gotten?  All you need to do is pick up this week's edition of the New Yorker magazine to find out:

Every single one of the cartoons in the issue dated April 25, 2016 is lampooning Trump.

The New Yorker website offers an explanation:

New Yorker cartoonists have been taking aim at The Donald for decades. For this episode, they’ve been roused again to do their civic duty.

Typical of the collection of over a dozen sketches: a man in the audience listening to a Trump speech looks at his companions and says, "With great ignorance comes great confidence."

Then there are two well off women sitting in a booth.  The one, looking a bit exhausted, says to the other: "If Trump builds a wall, I'm going over it."

Whether you're gung-ho for Trump or you can't stand the sight of him, you have to admit: Trumpmania has stirred this nation to the very core of not just our politics, but our culture as well.

To be fair, though, I'm thinking that in the coming weeks, the New Yorker cartoonists will all be dedicated to "their civic duty" of skewering Hillary, right?

(Here's a cartoon of me holding my breath...)

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