Ted Cruz: Not just another face in the crowd

When Trump's unorthodox style of campaigning for president first took the political world by storm, I thought his ability to connect with the public is a real-life version of the movie A Face in the Crowd.

In the 1957 film, Andy Griffith played "Lonesome" Rhodes, a drifter discovered by a producer of a small-market radio program.  Rhodes's confident down-to-earth, everyman style of speaking ultimately won him great fame and influence on national television, beloved by millions.

I'll be honest with you, folks.  When Trump broke the mold with his bold, straight-talk, politically incorrect campaigning, I loved it.  The arrogance of the mainstream media has frosted me for years.  So Trump getting into the MSM's face had me cheering him on.  I was also hopeful that, as president, Trump would fulfill all the broken promises of the deceitful, traitorous GOP establishment.

As we move into the final months of the GOP nominating process, art is imitating real life.  Trump's behavior is similar to "Lonesome" Rhodes in the movie.  Rhodes was not the person his millions of loyal fans thought him to be.  At the end of a broadcast, the same producer who discovered Rhodes turned Rhodes's microphone back on, unknown to him.  Rhodes made shocking, hurtful comments about his audience, heard by and devastating millions.

Recent liberal positions on issues have exposed that Trump is not who he has presented himself to be.  It has been reported that in a private meeting with GOP establishment leaders, Trump's "chief lieutenants" said Trump has been "projecting an image."  They said that "the part that he's been playing is evolving" to make him more palatable to general election voters.

Trump talking about raising taxes on the rich and saying it is okay for men to use girls' restrooms confirm the leftward "evolving" his campaign spoke of.

Speaking of taxes, Trump's tax returns reveal that he donated funds to homosexual activists, including a group whose motto is "championing LGBT issues in K-12 education."

My Conservative Campaign Committee team and I attended a rip-roaring Ted Cruz rally in Pittsburgh yesterday.  Our efforts for Cruz have included attending rallies in ten states thus far.  I detected a new level of desperation and hope.  Clearly, steel town (Pittsburgh) voters are ready for real change, confident that Cruz will not betray them in the White House.

Cruz received numerous enthusiastic standing ovations for his rock-solid conservative position on several issues: defending religious liberty, abolishing the IRS, repealing Obamacare, and no amnesty.

Americans are fed up.  Cruz is the only candidate who truly understands and shares the urgency we feel.  Cruz promises to do everything in his power to fight the Washington, D.C. cartel, restoring our lost jobs, freedom, and national security.

Folks, this man is for real. He ain't another face in the crowd.  This is why we at Conservative Campaign Committee travel the country to ensure that Ted Cruz is our next president of the United States.