Saudis threaten US economy if 9/11 truth is revealed

Fox News and other sources have reported that Saudi Arabia just threatened the United States with economic retaliation if the truth is reported.  That truth is that the Saudi royals (and maybe others) were directly responsible for the biggest, most murderous attack on civilians on American soil.  Ever. 

On par with Pearl Harbor. 

We have all sensed that something was terribly wrong in the country.  Most people who paid attention understood that the Saudis (or some of them) were behind  9/11/01.  The mass terror attackers of 9/11/01 were all indoctrinated Wahhabi suicide fanatics.  Wahhabism is the official war theology of Saudi Arabia.  Islam has always followed a war theology, in which "martyrdom-killing" in jihad is an automatic ticket to heaven.  Islam considers all infidels the enemy of Allah.  Islam has the required element of complete fanaticism, like the imperial Japanese, who also sometimes committed suicide while killing Americans. 

The biggest puzzle has been why our power class has never made the facts public. 

Now we know the answer.  Twenty-eight pages of the official report on 9/11 were censored and never published.  Now National Review and others report that the missing 28 will finally become public.  The cover-up involved both national parties in the U.S.  (But the left is already blaming it on George Bush exclusively).

Because our media and political class colluded with the Saudis in the worst and most dangerous cover-up in history, it is vital for all of us to spread the truth to our friends and family, to Facebook contacts, whatever is needed.  Our media and politicians have failed us.  We need to make sure the candidates start to tell the truth. 

Tomorrow, if not sooner. 

This means you.  It is high time for regular people to start telling the truth, now that it's out in public.  You can verify it.  But don't – repeat: don't – fall for the hatchet job the left is already doing, twisting the truth that the left has been in cahoots with jihad now for 15 years and longer.  Just watch Obama and Jarrett, the pro-jihad faction of the Democratic Party. 

This is no time to cover your eyes. 

If Pearl Harbor was "a day that lived in infamy," then 9/11/01 deserves even more infamy – because rather than defending itself, the United States colluded with the Saudis and their war theology to cover up the murderous theology behind it.  This year, Obama is going to bring in almost 700,000 Muslims.

If we finally face the truth, it means a huge national and international political storm. 

An  international storm because the Saudis are Guilty!  Guilty!  Guilty! 

A national storm because our political class has covered up the truth for 15 years.  The obvious  reason: OPEC control of the price of oil and the way jihad-preaching regimes have been using that power to destroy the West.  Including massive jihad infiltration of Western politicians, especially on the left – our Democrats. 

The Saudis, the biggest force in OPEC, simply blackmailed, bought, corrupted, infiltrated, suborned, betrayed, and manipulated the political class in America and Europe.  Just look at the 15  years of cover-up.  That includes our universities and schools. 

Look at Obama refusing to say the word "jihad terrorism," when he has known about jihad since his childhood in Indonesia.  Valerie Jarrett was raised in an Iranian-Muslim family.  Jihad is one of the five "pillars" of Islam, something every Muslim child learns from day one. 

We must face the truth or perish. 

We must.

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