Sanders supporter Tim Robbins charges vote fraud is stealing election for Hillary

Wait a minute!  I thought vote fraud was virtually nonexistent.  That’s what Democrats have been telling us for years, in even the face of 100-plus-percent turnout in some urban districts.  That’s why we don’t need voter ID, after all.  It is an article of faith on the left that photo ID for voting is a racist plot by the GOP.

But now prominent Hollywood Sanders supporter Tim Robbins is charging that Hillary’s forces are stealing the election.

Caitlyn Yailek of The Hill reports:

Actor Tim Robbins is alleging the “election is being stolen” from Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.  

In a tweet Monday afternoon, the actor called out The New York Times and CNN, suggesting the media is tipping the scales in favor of Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton



The more bitterness on the part of Sanders supporters, the better for the ultimate GOP nominee.  And the dawning of suspicion about election integrity is a welcome sign.  Let’s hope this suspicion stays alive and helps institute federal anti-vote fraud legislation.  The potential for a fusion of outsiders from the left and the right to undo the dominance of the political establishment has more potential than generally recognized.

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