Queen Elizabeth’s royal assent

As Britain celebrates the 90th birthday of our monarch, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, it must not be forgotten that she still wields great power.  Every law that is promulgated at Westminster has to receive the Royal Assent, and it is not law until this is done.

This means that all those regulations that emanate from the EU do not have the force of law, although the Brussels Spouts, like Cameron and Cleggie, would have you so believe.  We are not in the EU, nor are we in the eurozone.  Technically, we have no need to leave, because we do not actually belong.  Likewise, since the USA, China, and Japan all trade with the EU without having to support the EU bureaucracy, so also can Great Britain.

Americans with their written Constitution may well wonder at the position of the Royal Family, thinking that they must be a huge expense.  Precisely the opposite is true, since the income of the Royal Family derives from the Royal Estates, on which income tax is paid.  The queen and her family act as ambassadors and sales executives for the United Kingdom, performing ceremonial duties that, in the case of America, have to be carried out by the president of the United States.

By precedent, since the days of Oliver Cromwell, the monarch has never refused assent to bills brought before her by the ruling prime minister.  However, should the prime minister prove a traitor to this country, the queen still has that option.