Pope Francis meets with Bernie Sanders

It was a gathering of leftists today in Rome, as Pope Francis met with Bernie Sanders following the presidential candidate’s 15-minute address to a conference on social, economic and environmental issues, decrying wage and wealth equality. Normally, pontiffs are loath to give the appearance of intervening in American elections, and for that reason there are no pictures available of the meeting. But the fact remains that on the eve of the must-win New York Primary, Sanders is showcasing to the many Catholic voters of New York that he is acceptable to the leader of their church, despite being a Marxist non-observant Jew.

Sanders used media interviews following the meeting to focus on his program of envy and the global warming hypothesis, now being enshrined as religious doctrine of the left.

“I conveyed to him my great admiration for the extraordinary work that he is doing all over the world in demanding that morality be part of our economy,” Mr. Sanders said during his flight back to New York from Rome. “We have got to move toward a moral economy, not simply an economy based on greed,” he added.

Mr. Sanders said he had also thanked the pope for his encyclical last year calling for action on climate change. “I can tell you, as a member of the Senate committee on environment, that encyclical has played a profound role in changing a lot of consciousness on the reality of climate change and the need to act boldly to address it,” he said.

If abortion was mentioned in the meeting, Sanders chose not to mention it. And the pontiff is not making the subject known.