Poll: At least 44 million Arab youths potential supporters of ISIS

The results of the 2016 Arab Youth Survey are being portrayed by media outlets such as The Guardian in a rather flattering light.  But a critical look at the data reveals some major problems for the West.

The survey is intended to represent the views of over 200 million young Arabs in the Middle East and North Africa.

About 13% of those surveyed indicated they would consider supporting Daesh (ISIS) if it did not use so much violence.  Another 9% were unsure how they felt about supporting ISIS.

Thus, what we must read out of this information is that at least 44 million Arab youths are potential supporters of the Islamic State's goals for a global caliphate and imposition of sharia law on the planet.

Another 22% of respondents (once again, 44 million youths) said they were not concerned about the rise of Daesh.  An additional 1% of those queried (representing another 2 million youths) were unsure about whether or not they were concerned.

The mainstream media always attempts to spin polls of this type in the best light possible for the Islamists.

Yes, it is true that somewhere in the neighborhood of three quarters of Arab youth state they are not supporters of ISIS, but the number of those who are potential sympathizers is still so great that it represents an existential threat to the free world – and that is the real story we should be focused on.

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