Mrs. Clinton panders – but the left hates her anyway

Wisconsin is behind us, and the Sanders campaign has turned out to be a lot more complicated than the Clintons planned.  

There are also signs that Mrs. Clinton is getting a bit frustrated with protesters who keep challenging her past activities.  They show up at her rallies with signs that she voted for the Iraq War and has taken lots of money from Wall Street.

Connor Lynch points out that the problem is not really the protesters, but Clinton's past, such as her relationship with banks and other interests:

Of course, no one is lying about Clinton, who employs a number of bundlers registered as lobbyists for the fossil fuel industry — as Greenpeace documents here — and in an issued response, Greenpeace Democracy Campaign Director Molly Dorozenski said the following:

“Secretary Clinton is conflating Greenpeace with the Sanders campaign, but we are an independent organization, and our research team has assessed the contributions to all Presidential candidates.  We have not and will not endorse candidates. Earlier this year, we asked both Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders to sign our pledge to #fixdemocracy, and while Sanders signed, Clinton did not. We intend to continue to challenge all candidates to listen to the people, not their biggest donors.”

While the Clinton campaign is obviously “sick” of dealing with Sanders, and would love nothing more than to focus on Donald Trump and fundraising — without having to fret over criticisms about where the money is coming from — it is not so much Sanders, but the left, that has frustrated Clinton and Clinton supporters. 

That's right.  It's Clinton's past that just doesn't mix with today's Democratic Party.  In other words, this is not the Democratic Party that lived in Washington on the day her husband was elected in 1992.  The party moderates left town in 1994, and more followed in 2010 and 2014.

Also, Mrs. Clinton decided to pander to the left and has gotten nothing but contempt for it.  She has adopted positions, from health care to illegal immigrants to saying that the unborn have no constitutional rights, that are nothing but cynical pandering.

Unfortunately for Mrs. Clinton, the leftists who now run her party know she's pandering.  They know she's changed positions over and over again for purely political reasons.  They don't trust her no matter how much she panders for their vote.

Hillary Clinton may indeed win the nomination.  However, those Sanders voters will be tough to please and may go for the Green Party or stay home.   

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