More on the spirit of that Iran deal!

President Obama said something about Iran not following the spirit of the deal.  Not sure what he meant, since the agreements or contracts that I've worked with have clauses.  In other words, I never got a call from a banker telling me that I was not following the spirit of the loan or mortgage.  I guess things are more black and white in my world, while they're somewhat nuanced in the Land of Hope and Change.

Iran is at it again, as we saw in news reports:

The crew of a U.S. Navy ship stopped a massive Iranian arms shipment dead in its tracks, seizing thousands of weapons, AK-47 rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers that likely were headed to Yemen, the Pentagon announced Monday.

The seizure, which unfolded in the Arabian Sea on March 28, was the third of its kind in recent weeks, military officials say. Iran has been supporting Houthi rebels in Yemen in their proxy war against a Saudi-led coalition backed by the United States. Like Iran, the Houthis are a Shia-led group.

The arms shipment appears to mark the latest provocative action from the Islamic republic. On Friday, President Obama said Iran was obeying the "letter" of its landmark nuclear agreement with the West, but not the "spirit" of it.

The Navy said the shipment included 1,500 AK-47s, 200 rocket-propelled grenade launchers and 21 .50-caliber machine guns.

This is another "in your face, Obama" with a bit of spirit included for good flavor.   

How else can you read it?  The Iranians have once again demonstrated that they are in the business of supporting groups contrary to the interests of the West, or Israel in that area.  They've also shown us that they think they got the better of the deal – i.e., they got the money, they got their nuclear program, and they even get to ship weapons around the world.

Are you wondering if anyone in the media will ask President Obama about this?  Probably not!  They're too busy wondering if President Obama got to try that baseball glove that the Rays' pitcher gave him in Cuba!

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