Monica Lewinsky returns as a campaign issue from the Sanders camp

That pesky Bernie Sanders and his supporters just won’t go away, as they are supposed to do. They haven’t yet gotten the message that this time it really is Hillary’s turn. The problem for Hillary is that they are true believers, however mistaken they may be in their understanding of how the economy works.

Yesterday, a Hollywood surrogate for Bernie, with no scriptwriter, went to the place the Clintons desperately wish to avoid. CNN reports:

 Outspoken Bernie Sanders surrogate Rosario Dawson said Saturday she stands with Monica Lewinsky's fight against bullying, and suggested that the Clinton campaign is engaging in such behavior.

"We are literally under attack for not just supporting the other candidate. Now I'm with Monica Lewinsky with this: bullying is bad. She's actually dedicated her life now to talking about that," Dawson said, before introducing the Vermont senator on-stage at a rally here.

She continued, "And now as a campaign strategy, we are being bullied and somehow that is okay and not being talked about with the richness that it needs to (be)."

Of course, the Clintons are quintessential bullies, and Monica Lewinsky, sexually exploited, tossed aside, and demeaned by the bimbo eruptions team that Hillary coldly set in action (as she had for Bill’s entire political career) is an excellent example. To her credit, Monica Lewinsky has emerged as a spokeswoman against cyber-bullying.  Lucky for her that Linda Tripp told her to hang onto that blue dress, or else she would have been destroyed as a “nuts and sluts” fabulist, instead of a star-struck post adolescent sexually used by a southern-fried charmer.

Dawson’s bullying comment was actually referring to a well-funded effort by a group called Correct the Record, a spinoff of the David Brock propaganda empire that includes Media Matters and American Bridge, heavily funded by billionaire George Soros and his buddies. Ben Collins writes on the Daily Beast:

 Correct the Record’s “Barrier Breakers” project boasts in a press release that it has already “addressed more than 5,000 people that have personally attacked Hillary Clinton on Twitter.” The PAC released this on Thursday. (snip)

Some Bernie Sanders-supporting users on Reddit already started to notice the changes on Thursday afternoon.

“This explains why my inbox turned to cancer on Tuesday,” wrote user OKarizee. “Been a member of reddit for almost 4 years and never experienced anything like it. In fact, in all my years on the internet I’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Correct the Record, which has received $5 million this campaign season and has spent almost $4.5 million of it, according to, outlined its strategy against “swarms of anonymous attackers” in a press release.

“While Hillary Clinton fights to break down barriers and bring America together, the Barrier Breakers 2016 digital task force will serve as a resource for supporters looking for positive content and push-back to share with their online progressive communities, as well as thanking prominent supporters and committed superdelegates on social media,” the statement read.

Due to FEC loopholes, the Sunlight Foundation’s Libby Watson found this year that Correct the Record can openly coordinate with Clinton’s campaign, despite rules that typically disallow political campaigns from working directly with PACs.

“SuperPACs aren’t supposed to coordinate with candidates. The whole reasoning behind (Supreme Court decision) Citizens United rests on (PACs) being independent, but Correct the Record claims it can coordinate,” Watson told The Daily Beast. “It’s not totally clear what their reasoning is, but it seems to be that material posted on the Internet for free—like, blogs—doesn’t count as an ‘independent expenditure.’”

Watson previously worked at Brock’s Media Matters for America, where “their whole mission is to debunk conservative misinformation [and] a lot of that ends up being defending Hillary Clinton,” but says she’s never seen anything like this initiative.

All along, the big problems for the Clinton machine is that it is impossible to demonize the Sanders campaign as part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. Principled opposition from the left attacks an undefended flank of her campaign. She needs the support of the left, so cannot demonize them.

With the choice of Monica Lewinsky as poster girl for the Clintons’ bullying style, Dawson has scored a bull’s-eye.

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