McCain wants criminal charges against EPA officials involved in toxic spill

Senator John McCain wants to charge EPA officials with a crime for their actions that led to the disastrous release of toxic wastewater from the Gold King Mine last year. The spill polluted 3 rivers and severely effected the lives and livelihood of several indian tribes. Washington Examiner: The senator made the declaration Friday during an Indian Affairs Committee field hearing in Phoenix, Ariz. The hearing was titled: "Examining the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Unacceptable Response to Indian Tribes." "I've come to the conclusion that a Department of Justice criminal investigation is merited and must now occur," McCain said. He cited EPA employees' failure to conduct appropriate water pressure tests at the mine and adequately consult partnering federal agencies before excavating around the mine's containment plug, though they knew about the potential for a "catastrophic blowout.” The spill "has...(Read Full Post)