Love Trumps Hate?

In Hillary Clinton's latest victory speech, she declared, "Love trumps hate." She frequently touts herself as a symbol of love, kindness, and inclusiveness, and casts Trump as a symbol of racism, prejudice, and divisiveness. Hillary has used this message to shamelessly pander to every minority group. Cold and calculating Hillary. Heart of stone Hillary. Her talking about love is superficial and laughable. So what this really comes down to, is illegal immigration.

It's a mistake to equate open borders with love and kindness. It's also a mistake to equate open borders with inclusiveness, diversity, and multiculturalism. The bottom line is that no country can prosper without secure borders and self-serving immigration policies. Look at South Korea's attitudes towards immigration. Every country has a right to establish its own national sovereignty. We don't need open borders to be an America that celebrates its diversity and inclusiveness. Hillary preaches love to the Korean-American community. But don't forget that we could be soon included in the communities negatively impacted by foreign labor and lax enforcement of immigration laws. It could be our children who lose their lives as a result of our open borders.

It's not hateful to say we only want immigrants who will come here the right way.  It's not hateful to say we only want immigrants who will become productive, hard-working, and taxpaying citizens. It's not hateful to say we want a pause on immigration from terrorist dominated countries. It's not hateful to say we want an end to sanctuary cities and immediate deportations for those with criminal convictions.

People want jobs and safety more than they want love. Imagine an employer who says he loves you, but then fires you. Or a father who says he loves his children, but does not properly secure his home with locked doors. Imagine if he did not properly vet the babysitter, or if he didn't carefully monitor the stranger looking at his child. A loving father does everything to protect his family. Suspicion, not trust, will be the rule, and he will immediately deal with anything that harms their safety.

We need a president who rejects the losing game of globalization, and who puts American interests, jobs, and safety above all else.  A "love trumps hate" approach to our enemies just doesn't cut it.  In fact, "love trumps hate" is nothing more than a feel-good platitude. America deserves much better than a Hallmark card, Hillary.

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