Lena Dunham’s threat to move to Canada if Trump elected

How would Lena Dunham adjust to working with more than just white people?

Lena Dunham is a popular television writer, producer, director, and actress, according to TIME magazine online.  She is also a political activist promoting the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for president.

Dunham has promised that if Trump is elected president, she will emigrate to Canada.  And she recently told The Hill that she really means it – she particularly likes Vancouver, British Columbia.

If you’ve visited Vancouver, you know it’s a beautiful, ethnically diverse city, including many young Chinese students attending universities in the Vancouver area.

Vancouver’s racial mix differs dramatically from Dunham’s professional work environment.

Dunham is executive producer, director, writer, and star for the HBO series Girls.  Here are the photos of the show’s cast.  (Allison Williams is the daughter of NBC/MSNBC reporter Brian Williams.)

Note that all the faces are those of white people.  So what? you ask.  If it were a series on, say, the Dance Theatre of Harlem, you’d expect a different photo array.  Girls is about four young white girls living together in New York City – or so I’m told (I gave up TV for Lent several years ago). 

The other three executive producers of Girls are Judd Apatow, Jenni Konner, and Ilene S. Landress (left to right below).  

And, there’s the co-executive Producer of Girls: Bruce Eric Kaplan.  Kaplan is third from the left in this 2012 photo of persons representing Girls at an awards ceremony.

So what? you, and perhaps Dunham,, might say.  Don’t they provide acting opportunities for others from various ethnic backgrounds, all employed in the one giant showbiz industry? 

Well, let’s check out the spread of racial diversity emanating from Girls.

The top three projects attributed to producer Apatow at imbd.com are 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and This is 40.  An extensive photo gallery of the casts of each production is displayed at the links.  Count up the number of non-Anglo faces.  It won’t take long. 

The top three projects for producer Kooner listed at imbd.com are Girls, Bad Mother’s Handbook, and Help Me Help You.  Count the non-white faces.  It’ll go quick.

Lastly, the top three projects for producer Landress are The Sopranos, Girls, and I Love You, I Love You Not.  The washroom on a Boeing 757 could accommodate the non-Anglo cast members attributed for those productions.

It looks as though Dunham’s professional associations lack ethnic diversity.  Decidedly so.

Does that make her a racist?  No, certainly not. 

But it does suggest that Canada would – and will if Trump becomes president – expand the range of Dunham’s professional associations beyond just other white folks.