Latest IMF economic report a disaster for the West

In case the realists needed yet another reminder of what a disaster the 21st century is shaping up to be for the West, the IMF released its latest World Economic Outlook on Tuesday.

Here are the rankings for annual GDP growth by country:

We'll start with the good news.  Venezuela is ranked absolutely last out of 190 nations, with its economy projected to shrink by 8% in 2016.  Brazil and Ecuador are sitting at 185th and 186th, respectively, also headed backward by 3.8% and 4.5%.

Now the bad news.  China's economy, while slowing, is still ranked 12th at 6.5% growth this year.  Pakistan and Iran sit at 42nd and 56th.

The West is an economic basket case, especially the G7 democracies.  Economic growth rankings are as follows: Australia, 109th; United States, 113th; the U.K., 135th; Germany, 149th; Canada, 150th; France, 159th; Italy, 164th; and Japan, 170th.

Emerging and developing Asia now makes up 32% of the global economy, larger than the G7 share (31% and falling fast).

China's economy is 18% of the world total, ahead of both the EU (16.7%) and the United States (15.7%).

The torch has passed.  The West is on a trajectory for economic and geopolitical oblivion, and with it goes freedom itself.