Indicting Mrs. Boss Hogg

The FBI is on a winning streak.  They haven’t looked this good since the heyday of Efrem Zimabalist, Jr.  Apparently, they just cracked open the unbreakable Apple iPhone.  In my own neck of the woods, they recently indicted a top Democrat, who may now be spilling the beans on our outgoing governor and our current attorney general, to name a few.

You may say big deal, Kentucky Democrats in hot water is nothing new, but the sheer secrecy of the recent FBI investigation was tremendous.  Frankfort, Ky. is your stereotypical little Southern town, where everybody knows everyone else’s business.  This is like the FBI coming into the fictional Hazzard County for over a year and getting Rosco to turn state's evidence, with Boss Hogg being none the wiser.

If they can keep their investigations so quiet in a place where there are no secrets, I think there is also a good chance we have seen only the tip of the iceberg as relates to the ongoing investigation of Washington, D.C.’s real Boss Hogg and his Missus.  Recently, the Clinton camp even put out some hot air about Hillary not being indicted, but that’s just wishful thinking.  The agents doing the investigation are not talking, and, one suspects, just given the size of the investigation – 147 agents – they have found something good.  And don’t forget, James Comey is the hard case who insisted on not just prosecuting Martha Stewart, but sending her to prison.  If some of the people around the Clintons really are talking, no telling where it might lead.  Hillary in prison-orange pantsuits may be the biggest fashion news in Hazzard County since Daisy Dukes.

Frank Friday is an attorney in Louisville, Ky.

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