Hollywood airhead of the day: ‘I endorsed Bernie Sanders, but…I can’t pay any more taxes; it’s ridiculous.’

The capacity of the Hollywood left to embrace progressivism but not its consequences is amazing.  While it is true that celebrities deal in fantasy, and perhaps that explains their politics, this is just insane.  Breitbart reports:

Comedian George Lopez has endorsed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for president — despite admitting he just “can’t” pay any more in taxes.

In an interview with BigBoyTV, the 54-year-old comedian said he’d endorsed the Vermont senator for president, but also said he doesn’t want to pay any more in taxes. Sanders is the only candidate in the race whose tax plan raises rates on practically all Americans, and not just the rich.

“I endorsed Bernie Sanders, but really just to… I mean, it’s cool,” Lopez told the radio host. “I can’t pay any more taxes; it’s ridiculous. But, so, we’ll figure it out. I really just did it to get the awareness out and have people vote.”

Here is the interview:

Hat tip: Ed Driscoll, Instapundit