Hillary’s enthusiasm gap in one short video

Saying that Hillary Clinton is an awful public speaker may be an understatement.  Her style can be boring, and when she gets excited, it can be grating or screeching.  There is no setting on her voice before a crowd for pleasant and engaging.  Combine her lack of verbal skills with her campaign based on the notion that she is entitled to the presidency because she put up with her husband’s infidelities and put in time as a senator and secretary of state with no noticeable accomplishments of any value, and you have serious problems generating enthusiasm.  So Hillary settles for compliance among her supporters.

On Saturday at a rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, one of the people selected for podium behind Hillary’s speech expressed perfectly the spirit of her campaign, unable to stop yawning as Hillary avoided the pitfalls of grating and screeching and fell into the tedious groove that is about as good as it gets for her speeches.  Olaf Ekberg of The American Mirror captured the moment in an edited video of the speech.