Hillary pretends to understand Spanish, laughs at joke in a language she doesn’t understand

Visiting a senior center in New York yesterday, Hillary Clinton went into full phony mode, pandering and pretending to understand Spanish. Like President Obama, she speaks no foreign languages, yet pretends to be a sophisticated international figure. The odd thing is that her transparent insincerity seems to be welcomed by many of those present.

First, take a look at her exaggerated reaction to playing dominoes:

Then, at a podium, reacting to questions in Spanish, she twice pretended to understand, and the second time went into her unbearable phony exaggerated laughter:

The prospect of Hillary getting elected president fills me with dread on many counts. But perhaps the worst is being subjected to her constantly on TV, with her screeching voice, her phony laughter, and her bobblehead nodding toward people she patronizes. I may have to look into desert islands for my remaining years.

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