Hillary lashes out at Sanders supporter on rope line

The stress is starting to get to Hillary Clinton.  Normally, she is as cool as ice under pressure, one of her better arguments for her candidacy.  But a 68-year-old grandma has her limits.  So following a rally at the Purchase, N.Y. campus of the State University of New York in which Bernie Sanders supporters disrupted the meeting by chanting, “She wins, we lose,” she may have been a little fed up with the upstarts who have waylaid her long anticipated cake walk to the presidency.

When one of those supporters accosted her on the rope line after the event and asked her if she would refuse donations from the “fossil fuel” industry, she lost it:

As Daniel Halper describes it:

"I am so sick, I am so sick," Clinton says, shouting and wagging her finger at the activist, "of the Sanders campaign lying about me. I'm sick of it."

Anyone who has paid the slightest bit of attention to the Clintons since they burst on the national scene can imagine that's the tone of voice Hillary used on Bill when discovering yet another of his infidelities, or when the Monica Lewinsky's blue dress turned up with its DNA evidence.

Does anyone look forward to hearing that voice from the Oval Office?

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