Hillary just boxed in AG Loretta Lynch

Hillary Clinton yesterday made it very difficult for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to decline to prosecute a possible criminal referral from the FBI.  Using her trademark sandpaper tone of voice when she is being emphatic, speaking to a rally in Pennsylvania, Hillary flat-out declared: “Everyone who violates the law anywhere should be held accountable.”

She was, of course, thinking about other people – specifically those people exposed in the Panama Papers hack.  But this sort of blanket statement could be used against Lynch if she were to decline to prosecute following a criminal referral.  And (under my dream scenario) if she were to continue to run for president following a referral that was not prosecuted, this snippet could be played over and over again in campaign ads and emails.

I seriously wonder if Hillary’s unconscious mind is trying to sabotage her campaign.  Consider that at that very same podium, she allowed a hot mic to pick up a devastating admission about the state of her campaign.

Maybe she just wants to go play with her grandchildren.  That would be totally understandable.  Maintaining enthusiasm for her powerlust quest has got to be difficult in the face of Bernie Sanders drawing crowds roughly ten times as large and ten times as enthusiastic as her own.

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