Gitmo is not a recruiting tool. Weakness is.

Obama made a promise on taking office that he would close the captured-terrorist facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba (GITMO). The only reason that he offered for doing so was that It was allegedly a recruiting tool for terrorists at home and abroad. Actually, there is not a shred of evidence to support this absurd assertion.  And, were we to indulge this nonsensical fantasy, are we to assume that terrorists would discontinue their barbaric conduct, or that they might lessen their hold on terrorism, as a result of GITMO's closure?  That terrorists would be much happier as a result of captured terrorists being imprisoned in maximum security facilities in the U.S.?  Think about that for a minute – does it make any sense at all? Why would terrorists care one bit where their fellow captured terrorists were imprisoned?

Indeed, from all accounts, GITMO is one of the most hospitable internment facilities extant, and its inhabitants enjoy much better treatment than do our veterans at many V.A. facilities.

The more you think of it, the more preposterous it seems.

If you are really concerned with terrorist recruitment vehicles, let me give you the most reliable recruiting sites:

1. Our domestic prisons (where we can give some of the benighted residents a religious cause to ennoble their violent inclinations).

2. Mosques (where some of the true believers can substantially strengthen their true beliefs).

3. The internet (where these barbarians can reach out to assorted misfits in search of something to give their misbegotten lives meaning and purpose, no matter how perverse that meaning and purpose might be).

4. The Obama administration (where more Muslim Brotherhood [M.B.] sympathizers hold office than Communist sympathizers ever did during the Cold War), and who considers the M.B. a moderate Islamic organization when it is the mother of all terrorist organizations.    

5. Finally, the most effective recruiting tool of all is perceived weakness on the part of the terrorists' adversaries, and that is what they have been given by Obama.  Terrorists are attracted to the cause of him whom they perceive as the "strong horse," and Obama has given them every reason to believe that that is not America under his reign.

Why not bring the terrorists into the homeland?  For the first reason noted above: we should not – indeed, must not – treat these people as mere criminals and afford them access to our civilian courts, thereby giving them a forum in which to spout their Islamophobia nonsense, thereby furnishing a real recruiting opportunity.

Notwithstanding the above, it appears that Obama is so bent on closing Gitmo that he will do it by executive action.  How?  By keeping the facility intact while releasing all of its inhabitants to foreign countries – thus freeing them to return to their terrorist activities of killing more Americans.

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