Featured speaker at Sanders rally unmasks self as pretentious ignoramus

Having Hollywood stars as campaign fixtures brings, along with glamor, certain risks. Some of Bernie Sanders’s Hollywood supporters, like Rosario Dawson, are smart, if deluded on the subject of political economy. But then are those dedicated leftists who conceive of themselves as brilliant because of their adherence to what they believe is correct doctrine stemming from Marx, and they are hopeless. When they lecture us, they pretend to know matters far out of their depth.

Yesterday. The Sanders campaign held what was supposed to be a mass rally in Baltimore, touting it as “A Future to Believe in Rally,” and adverisiting:

Join Bernie Sanders for a rally in Baltimore, Maryland featuring special guests Danny Glover and Ben Jealous.

Those who attended had better not believe in what Danny Glover told them, even though he presented himself to the crowd this way:

He went on to tell the assembled throng that Maryland seceded from the Union, which would have been very awkward, considering that Washington, DC is surrounded by Maryland and Virginia (which actually did secede from the Union and in fact contained the capital of the Confederacy in Richmond). Having your capital in the middle of enemy territory is not a winning strategy, though who knows if Glover realizes the Union won the war. 

Okay, so civil rights crusader Glover has never paid much attention to the Civil War, but hey, details are for scriptwriters. However, Glover got really obnoxious when he pretended to know something about philosophy:



I am told that on a personal level, Glover is a nice man, something that seems to radiate from his screen persona as well. But he is a truly hard line leftist, who ws so enamored of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela that he went there in 2006, and bonded with the dictator who has impoverished his resource rich country to the extent that electricity is periodic, toilet paper often unavailable, and food and pharmaceuticals in short supply. According to media reports at the time, Glover accepted $18 million from a Venezuelan government-controlled media company to produce and direct a film about Toussaint Louverture, the slave who led a revolt against French colonial masters.  As far as IMDB knows, the film remains uncompleted.  

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