Democrats’ photo ID hypocrisy

I heard on the radio the other day that our local housing authority was taking applications for subsidized housing, and I was completely shocked that they were requiring a photo ID.  I thought it was oppressing or disenfranchising to require the poor, the elderly, the disabled, and minorities to require a photo ID.  It turns out that the national housing authority (HUD) requires it.

This made me think of other places that the federal government requires a photo ID:

Social Security now requires direct deposit of your benefits, and to set up an account the federal government requires banks to have a photo ID on file.

To take a tour of the White House requires a photo ID.

To sign up for Medicaid, you need a photo ID.

The TSA requires a photo ID to get on a plane.

The federal government and Democrats obviously know that the poor, the disabled, minorities, and the elderly have the ability to get photo ID and that the laws are not oppressing anyone, yet when a state passes a sensible law to require a photo ID to vote, the U.S. government will sue them for disenfranchising voters.

The Democrats do not want people to prove they are actually eligible to vote because Democrats are more likely to get the votes of illegal immigrants and people voting multiple times.

Republicans should keep pushing the voter ID laws.  All adults need a photo ID to function in today’s society.  It is not punishing anyone to require them.

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