Cuomo's righteous regulators send pipeliners packin'

If you haven't seen those laughable Start-Up New York television ads, then you must be one of those who has cut the cord.  New York, a blue state with an oppressive tax and regulatory business atmosphere typical of those states where liberals infest the statehouses, has been running these promotional ads for a couple of years now, promising business owners and entrepreneurs big tax breaks if they'll just relocate to New York.  I call them laughable for the obvious reason: any business owner who does due diligence is going to find that Andrew Cuomo and his bureaucratic accomplices are liberal to the core, to the point of screwing their own citizens on even the basic standards of living to uphold their liberal values.

Living far from the Northeast and disinclined to travel there, I really have no dog in this fight other than a few energy investments.  However, after watching another of those incessant commercials, I opened an email from an energy investment source to learn that the State of New York's regulatory agencies had ruled against construction of two natural gas pipelines that would have brought badly needed natural gas in great abundance to the blue states of the Northeast, where inexpensive fuel for heating homes and powering industry is habitually in short supply.  The liberal insanity inherent in promoting a business-friendly environment while simultaneously preventing a cheap fuel source for those businesses inspired these observations.

There is a huge reservoir of natural gas trapped in a geologic formation called the Marcellus Shale that underlies an area extending from West Virginia up through Ohio and Pennsylvania and into western and upstate New York.  There is enough natural gas in this formation to meet the needs of the Northeast and more for generations, ending their dependence on imported energy supplies from distant, expensive sources, driving down costs in an area that historically pays substantially more than any other region of the nation.

So all they need is for the energy companies that have found and produced this natural gas to spend a few billion dollars building pipelines to get their product from the Marcellus fields to the eastern markets, right?  Well, the energy companies agree, and aware of the strict regulatory barriers they face in crossing these blue states, primarily New York, the eager Start-Up State, they studied the situation with all its challenges and duly submit their proposals to the regulatory bureaucrats in New York.

"Nope," say the bureaucrats to the cheers of the liberal environmentalists/anti-fossil fuelists who would much rather see millions of New Yorkers and New Englanders shivering in their homes in mid-winter as fuel imports run low, than allow these horrid Big Oil companies bring a plentiful supply of their product to a market where it is much needed, ensuring that basic creature comforts are met in these blue states and done so at a reasonable price.  It's called basic economics, folks, but as we all know, that sort of reasonable rational thinking simply does not find a pollination receptor anywhere in the liberal brain cavity, especially those awarded the coveted status of government bureaucrat, the liberal brass ring.

Let 'em grab it with their cold blue fingers as they contemplate the insanity that is liberal logic.

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