Coalition of climate hysterics meet to take down ExxonMobile by 'creating' scandals

The Washington Free Beacon has obtained the agenda from a January 9 meeting of prominent climate change groups and the Rockefeller Foundation, whose purpose was to discuss ways to destroy ExxonMobil through  legal action, divestment efforts, and political pressure. The meeting—which included top officials at GreenPeace, the Working Families Party, and the Rockefeller Family Fund—took place as climate change groups have pushed for a federal criminal probe of ExxonMobil’s environmental impact, similar to the 1990s racketeering case against Big Tobacco. A copy of the meeting’s agenda, obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, provides a rare glimpse inside the anti-ExxonMobil crusade, which has already spurred investigations into the oil giant by Democratic attorneys general in several states. According to the memo, the coalition’s goals are to “delegitimize [ExxonMobil] as a political actor,” “force officials...(Read Full Post)