Chelsea Clinton hints she may run for New York City Council

You knew something like this was coming.  The Clinton family openly lusts to emulate the Kennedys, Bushes, and Cuomos in establishing a political dynasty, no matter how thin the blood has gotten in one generation.  In her 36 years, Chelsea Clinton has put together a résumé with important-sounding entry headings yet void of any actual accomplishments of note.  Like mother, like daughter: the titles look good, but what did Hillary Clnton accomplish as a senator or secretary of state (beyond pushing Libya to failed state status, home to the latest branch of ISIS)?  Similarly, Chelsea was indeed an NBC News correspondent and has a doctorate from Oxford.  But what did she accomplish?  At least she has one child and another on the way.

Renaming the Clinton Foundation as The Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation was the first tangible evidence that Great Things were planned for the spawn of the ultimate political marriage.  Now, in an interview with the Deep Thinkers of Access Hollywood, Chelsea drops an unsubtle hint.  Via Shoshana Weissman of The Weekly Standard:

Clinton said she liked her representatives in New York on all levels of government, but that she would consider a run for office if that were to change.

"I also think I'm really lucky to support and feel like I'm well represented, and my values are well represented by the people I could vote for. Like I really like my city councilwoman in New York, I really like my public advocate, I like my mayor, I like my congressman, I like my senators, I love my president—"

"I think if that were to change, like if I didn't like whomever were to succeed my councilwoman or my public advocate, then I would have to think, you know, could I make a real difference here or is this something that I should do."

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