Bill Clinton slams Obama foreign policy

Casting Bill Clinton as truth-teller is among the unlikeliest against-type roles ever played, but yesterday Bill Clinton did it twice.  In addition to refusing to take any crap from #BlackLivesMatter protesters, he unloaded on the chaos Barack Obama has loosed upon the world, saying, “Unlike when I became president, a lot of things are coming apart around the world now.”

It is pretty clear that no love is lost between the two most recent Democrat presidents, and Bill Clinton almost certainly feels that his administration was far more successful than Obama’s, except for that little...uh...impeachment matter.  And getting credit for that must weigh upon his mind as he ages and becomes frail before our eyes.

The fact that his wife was secretary of state during the first four tears of Obama’s presidency is awkward, but the Clintons can make the argument that the wheels really came off the bus in the second term, except for...uhh...the awkwardness in Benghazi that, well...“What difference at this point does it make?,” to coin a phrase.

OK, Bill wasn’t exactly keeping Hillary’s interests uppermost in his mind when he said these words.  And face it: that’s a pattern of behavior on his part.

Still, he’s telling the truth here, and that’s something we want to encourage.