Sex, lies, and bathrooms: Uncovering the truth behind North Carolina's law

Since North Carolina’s Republican governor Pat McCrory signed House Bill 2 (H.B. 2) into law on March 23, his state has become the subject of much ire and consternation.  The media swiftly dubbed the law “anti-LGBT”; corporate executives from PayPal, Apple, PepsiCo, and the NBA threatened to boycott all business dealings; and the mayor of San Francisco, Ed Lee, and New York governor Andrew Cuomo banned non-essential government travel to the Tar Heel State.  Not to be outdone in the cultural circus of virtue signaling, Vermont governor Peter Shumlin declared a similar fiat.

It should come as little surprise that corporate and special interest groups and self-important politicians are grossly misrepresenting the law, as such parties are wont to Machiavellian deception.  In truth, the North Carolina “bathroom bill” serves as a noteworthy example of fair and rational legislation, which protects society’s most vulnerable members.  First, H.B. 2 is pro-freedom and democracy.  The North Carolina law applies only to government-run facilities, and thus liberates private institutions, small businesses, and charities from coercion by the state.

Second, H.B. 2 is pro-science.  By requiring individuals to use state-run restrooms in accordance with their biological sex, it recognizes and appreciates the differences between the male and female body.  The law affirms human sexual dimorphism – the scientific principle that informs the need for sex-segregated public restrooms.  The law is discriminatory in that it prevents anatomically intact and physiologically healthy men (who may or may not “feel like women”) from entering private and safe spaces designated for women.  However, it also offers compromises in the form of accommodations such as providing single-occupancy bathrooms in government buildings and allowing men who have undergone sex reassignment surgery and changed their legal gender to access female restrooms.

Third, H.B. 2 is pro-women and girls.  Opponents of the law dismiss the need to exercise caution regarding the public safety of women as fear-mongering.  Data provided by various law enforcement agencies proves otherwise.  According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, in 2010, strangers victimized 25% of female victims of rape and sexual assault, and 82% of all juvenile victims were female.  FBI arrest data in 2011 showed that males constituted 98% of those arrested for forcible rape, 79.7% of those arrested for offenses against family and children, and 77.8% of those arrested for aggravated assault.  Moreover, several arrests across the nation have been made (for example: BerkeleySan Jose, and Palmdale in California; Virginia; Oregon; Pennsylvania) wherein male sexual predators, dressed in female attire, were found engaging in lewd and lascivious activities in women’s restrooms.  Indeed, willful ignorance regarding the real threat of male violence on females in service of neologisms (cis-/transgender) and political correctness demonstrates hateful bigotry toward women.

By supporting the law, Governor Pat McCrory and North Carolina legislators shunned the spurious gender ideology espoused by the American cultural elect and thus committed political heresy.  Although several scientists, such as acclaimed Harvard University cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, have conclusively proven that gender has a biological basis, the American political left perpetuates the myth that we are born with a tabula rasa or blank slate upon which the construct of gender is socially imposed.  As a result, the present politics of gender and sexuality precludes honest discussion of the mental distress associated with gender dysphoria and transgenderism.  In its place, Americans are expected to accept cultural gaslighting and suspend all critical inquiry in order to celebrate every form of non-normative sexual expression as the next “civil rights” struggle.

Good on North Carolina for safeguarding the liberty of its citizens and standing against the intolerant cultural fascism of the corporate-political-media complex.