8 ‘Syrian refugees’ in Europe discovered to be using same passport and identity as suicide bomber at Paris soccer stadium

If there was any doubt that significant numbers of so-called “Syrian refugees” are Trojan Horse invaders, seeded into the West in pursuit of terror, the latest discovery in Europe should put that question to rest.  The U.K. Daily Mail reports:

The full scale of the trade in false passports that allows terrorists to slip into Europe was exposed last night.

It lets Islamic State fanatics who are bent on murder pose as refugees fleeing war and persecution.

Eight migrants have reached Europe using documents almost identical to those carried by one of the Paris suicide bombers. (snip)

The shocking ease with which the terrorists who murdered 129 innocent people in Paris were able to travel across Europe has sparked a renewed debate about the open borders policy.

The development raises fresh worries over the potential security threat posed by 670,000 asylum seekers who have arrived in Greece this year after fleeing war and poverty.

President Obama, meanwhile, has just doubled down on his commitment to bring 10,000 “Syrian refugees” to the United States, shamelessly using the Easter holiday in a plea to seed more Muslims into the United States, on the claim that expert vetting will foil the plans to use refugee status as cover.

Why bother?  It is inhumane to bring Muslims to a decadent, corrupt, infidel-ridden place that grants homosexuals full human rights.  Such practices are against the Koran and obligate faithful Muslims to seek to impose sharia law on us.  Better to shelter them in one of the 57 officially Islamic countries.