28 pages. And why not the truth?

The 9/11 Commission’s unreleased 28 pages are apparently a truth that We, the People can’t handle.

Fully aware of the ramifications of nations being sued for their actions and all the legal spin-offs and dovetailing that may come from a suggestion or proof of Saudi culpability in the 9/11 attacks, the truth should find daylight.  The 28 pages should be released, without redactions.

The families should know.  What would have been the reaction by the public on 9/12/2001 that information as to who conducted the attack was being withheld?

How can our leaders, our deciders, deny the people they serve the entire compilation of facts surrounding the largest attack on American soil in history?  Certainly what will be revealed will lead to inconveniences of national alliances and legal gymnastics.  So what?

If, as has been suggested, members of the extended royal family were involved in supporting or sponsoring the attack, the families affected and the country attacked should know.  Who are they who say the inconveniences surmount the proper course?

Perhaps the drone strikes that our country conducts against terrorists, and the unfortunate collateral damage resulting from such strikes, open up the door to lawsuits against those who ordered the attacks.  International law might treat these incidents in a different legal fashion if there were a declaration of war in place.  But when the enemy remains unidentified by this administration, that would be a difficult task.

The Saudis threaten selling off their United States assets, such as stocks and treasury debt.

That would be a costly procedure.  (It is also a stark reminder that as a nation, we have fallen into a situation where indeed certain countries such as China and Japan can threaten sway on our markets.)   

Imagine if the backstory and facts of Pearl Harbor were withheld from the public, or the assassination of a seated president.  (Troves of Kennedy assassination documents still unreleased.)  Who decides to withhold the truth? 

There is too much “I know, and you don’t need to know” going on in Washington.  Knowing something that others do not know comes with a certain power, and politicians love power.  But to hold that power and deny information to a deserving public should not be part of our government.  Why there was a consulate in Benghazi and why Eric Holder stepped down from the attorney generalship might deserve some daylight as well.

If these 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission do indeed contain facts of definitive culpability yet never see the light, then it must follow that the guilty will continue to go unpunished, enjoying life.  Have we forgotten the images from that terrible day?