What if Hillary had been a purchasing agent?

Compare the standard of conduct required of purchasing agents with the practices of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state.

As a matter of course, purchasing agents for major corporations owe fiduciary duty to their employers’ corporate treasuries.  This requires purchasing agents to seek independent, competitive bids prior to letting contract to the successful bidder for large commercial and industrial purchases.  Corrupt conduct in such endeavors includes bid-rigging, kickbacks, and other forms of larceny.

Suppose corporate auditors discover that a particular purchasing agent is communicating with suppliers about company business in a separate hidden channel via a his private email server.  Furthermore, this hidden communications channel has been purposely concealed from upper management and audit-trail, in violation of both corporate policy and commonplace standards of honesty and integrity.  This particular purchasing agent would be fired on the spot with the ipso facto conclusion that the purpose of such concealment could be only to accomplish embezzlement.  Investigation and prosecution would ensue promptly thereafter to discover who was bribing the agent. 

Why cannot we hold our former secretary of state, Hillary R. Clinton, to a standard of conduct that would be routinely expected in the private sector, even among the most middling of middle managers?

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