We’ve seen this movie before

Every presidential cycle, the mainstream media select our candidate for us.

Dole was the sane candidate, superior to the crazies.  McCain was the “maverick,” whose adoration was sung by all the liberals.  Romney was the class of the field, otherwise dominated by ideological purists.

Led by The New York Times, we conservative Republicans are corralled each contest into the “Good Republican” cattle pen, lest we nominate a dreaded conservative, choosing the “good” Republican nominee whom the MSM leave unscathed while they decimate the true conservatives, sliming them with all the invective and rumor they can throw onto the wall.  Whether any actually sticks is irrelevant.  And to the scribe or TV pundit who succeeds in taking a conservative’s scalp, that man or woman does not buy his own drink in any establishment for a decade or more, and every Georgetown soirée extends its invitation. To hear retell of the deed so grand.

So, each cycle, the MSM purposefully take out all true conservatives during the primary, leaving their preferred RINO standing alone.

Until, of course, their designated RINO wins the nomination.

Then they turn.

And ruthlessly attack the RINO they just endorsed in the primary with all the vitriol and ad hominems they were saving throughout the primary.  Now that it’s the RINO against their Democrat candidate, the war is on against everything they think he did or said.  And truth be damned, he must be taken out.  He is a Republican, after all.

Sometimes they succeed.  Sometimes the RINO wins – that is, if enough Republicans hold their noses and vote for the RINO.

But, at the very least, the MSM already took out the Phil Gramms, Santorums, Forbeses, Buchanans, and other movement conservatives.

But this presidential election is like no other.  This time, the MSM are corralling us by giving one man unlimited air time – as much as he wants – and creating the meme that he is untouchable.  That he can do anything and say anything, and they can’t touch him.  In truth, it isn’t that they can’t touch him, but that they won’t touch him.  At least not until he’s declared the nominee.  Or haven’t you already seen this movie?

So this time, it’s not that they endorse Trump, as they did McCain and Dole, but that their hands-off policy gives the false impression that they can’t touch him.  But in fact, they’re simply leaving him stand while he soaks up the votes of all the flyover rubes the MSM have been ridiculing for decades.  These patsies are buying the snake oil Professor Marvel is selling, so why upset a good thing?  He could, in his words, “stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters.”  Because the MSM are treating his gaffes as they did Bill Clinton’s – not as something to be excoriated, but rather as something to be admired for his ability to get away with them.

Let the Democrat-cum-Republican con man win the nomination, they figure, and then we’ll unleash the tsunami of dirt we have been saving up on him.  You think they don’t have all the scandals already written and ready to print on his tax deferments, his shady loans, his bankruptcies, his political graft, his crony deals, his “university,” airline, mortgages, steak houses, casinos, vodka business…?  The list is endless.  He is the crony capitalist the Republican Party has been saying it opposes for decades.  And the knee-jerk, third-grade bully attacks his supporters find so endearing?  Live through non-stop, wall-to-wall coverage of each one for six months leading up to the election.  Constantly pressuring Republican politicians and Trump supporters to disavow his bully antics.  See how palatable he seems then.

And if he does win the nomination, that flood of scandal coverage will be unleashed like no other in history.

You think he’s Teflon Don because nothing sticks to him?  He’s untouched because the MSM haven’t yet unleashed their war.  And war it will be.  And we’ll be scratching our head: “How did we nominate such a corrupt, crony fraud when we had the best primary field in years?”  “And how is the mendacious, corrupt, venal, felonious, traitorous Hillary beating ‘The Winner’ to whose rallies every naïve, credulous, fooled-before Republican flocked?

I’ve seen this movie before. 

I’ve just never seen a Republican candidate before so monumentally target-rich for the inevitable onslaught from the MSM.

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