Watch as Hillary nods almost nonstop for three and a half minutes as mosques and Muslims are defended at roundtable

Hillary Clinton is such an obvious phony that even she has been forced to acknowledge it, using the indirect language that she is “not a natural politician” like, say Bill Clinton or Barack Obama.  This is a case of putting lipstick on a pig, trying to make a her awkwardness a badge of authenticity, as if anyone could believe that her problem is that she is not a calculating politician.

Her basic problem is that her mental calculations about what she thinks she should be doing are all too visible to the casual observer.  There is a disconnect, a lack of consistency in her facial expressions, body language, words, and context.

The latest obvious example is her mimicry of a bobble-head doll, nodding and nodding and nodding for more than three minutes as a spokesman tells us all how wonderful mosques and Muslims are as allies in the war on terror.  

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