Trump’s Muslim Immigration Suspension Suggestion Not Without Precedent

Are we there yet? The McCarran-Walter Act of 1952. Oh the outrage from the Left when Trump suggested a suspension of immigration from Muslim countries.  So often he was misquoted as the “temporarily” condition was usually omitted for impact (Eleanor Clift, etc.).  The Left repeatedly misquoted his suggestion ad nauseum, and sans accuracy. Trump’s suggestion is not without historical backup, however.  In 1952, after WWII and on the cusp of the Cold War, an immigration act was passed by Congress over a Truman veto.  The two pillars of this act were to first maintain the demographics of the nation.  Percentages of the existing citizenry’s demographic makeup were transposed to the allowable immigration quotas.  Second, and to the Trump suggestion, national security concerns could indeed halt the “infiltration” of the unwanted into the United States. “At the basis of The Immigration and Nationality Act of...(Read Full Post)