Trump could pre-empt the field by filling his ticket and cabinet

Donald Trump could pre-empt the field very quickly right at this moment.

If Trump moves forward and promises appointments to his cabinet, he could slip into the presidential mold very quickly.  He could name Ben Carson as vice president and Chris Christie as attorney general.  He could name Treasury, secretary of state, and secretary of defense appointments and steal the thunder from the entire field.

Now only Cruz, IMO, could move in tandem or play the same tack.  Cruz should select Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential choice and continue down the cabinet list.  He must be aggressive now or lose the stage.

Trump has toned down his bombastic image with this last debate.  He has been the “blunt instrument” used in the proper direction.  Perhaps Trump is much smarter than what many believe.  There is an old anecdote:

A man takes his mule to a mule trainer. The first thing the mule trainer does is pick up a 2 by 4 and swings and hits the mule right between the eyes. The owner of the mule screams “what are you doing?” The mule trainer explains, “First you must get their attention.” 

Is this what Donald Trump has done?  He has gotten the attention he desired.

Is he also bloviating about high tariffs and border walls to get the attention of China and Mexico?  Is he posturing for bargaining and dealing with these nations?  Their attentiveness grows.

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