This land is our land…

A liberal friend from high school posted this on in his Facebook page, and I found  one part of it very interesting.  

(I've blocked an obscene part of the post.)

Well, many points are dead off – my truck is an F-150 (Tennessee); my beer is Shiner (Texas), Abita (Louisiana), and Guinness (Ireland); and anyone looking at my fashion would describe it best as “needing help.”  Then again, I’m no Trompas – I’m a Cruzas, if you will.  But the final part of the list is interesting: “and the land where you live is mine…” 

Okay, you own the lot where my house is built?  Interesting.  I don’t know what Indian tribe you come from, but I really doubt that it laid claim to the area now knows as Houston, Texas.

But two points I would make from this.  One, liberals love to say, “This is land we stole from the Indians.”  (I would say Native American, but I am “sensitive to” and “conscious of” not wanting to offend selected groups, like the American Indian Movement).  But for some reason, when I ask, “Well are you going to give your house, lot, etc. back to the Indians, pay them rent while you’re here, leave it to a local Indian tribe in your will, etc., or in some other way individually atone for the crimes of your ancestors?,” they seem to not like the idea.  No, it’s for “all of us” to be indebted, but not for someone to do things individually, especially the liberals pushing this.

Also, being liberals, these are people who generally are open borders/pro-amnesty types, and many will say, “Well we stole Texas, California, Arizona, and New Mexico from Mexico, and it’s theirs.”  Okay, the fact that they lost it in a war and afterward the United States still paid Mexico money for the land notwithstanding, back to the point about the Indians.  For some reason the United States must “give back” or in some other way “compensate” the Indian tribes who originally were on this land before 1492?  But should the Mexicans have to compensate the same tribes, seeing that they (the Spanish settlers who came after 1492) took the land first?  Also, what about the tribes who had the land below the modern U.S.-Mexico border?  Should the descendants of the Spanish “invaders” – i.e. the Mexican people and government, be required to pay reparations to those tribes?  I generally get some convincing logic like “ancient history!,” “not the same,” and “you don't get it!”

I think anyone can read it and get it.  Typical liberal hypocrisy.  They cannot blame an individual for his own acts (see Mike Brown robbing a business owner, assaulting a cop, and getting justifiably killed), but millions (exempting themselves, of course) are responsible for acts they have nothing to do with.  The “logic” of these people rivals that of a 4-year-old.

Michael A. Thiac is a police patrol sergeant and a retired Army intelligence officer.