The enemies within our gates

There is something terribly wrong with President Obama and Hillary Clinton, emotionally, morally, and ethically.  Both of them  came forward, briefly, to address the Brussels bombing.  Both did it in the most oddly disconnected manner.  Neither of them was angry.  Both spoke in a flat tone, without a hint of sentiment or sympathy.  

Obama could not even manage a full minute, so anxious was he to get back to Raúl Castro and that baseball game.  Murder and mayhem at the hands of terrorists is not nearly enough to get Obama to interrupt his vacation, especially one with the likes of the Castros.  Chumming with a totalitarian like Raúl is just too exciting to pass up, even when the body parts are still being collected off an airport floor; especially when he is largely responsible for the rise and reach of those terrorists.

Hillary spoke from Stanford, her head bobbing between her two teleprompters.  No indignation, no wrath – just calm blather carefully spewed out.  Her supporters couldn't care less what she says or does.  They do not care that she was a complete and utter failure as secretary of state (or as a senator, for that matter).  They care only that she is the Democrat and a Clinton.  Her "plan" for defeating ISIS is no plan at all – just a continuation of Obama's strategy, which is no strategy beyond weakening America, adulterating American society with immigrants to whom she will try to extend the right to vote by executive order.  

Hillary is wholly responsible for the mess that is Libya, now an ISIS stronghold.  She is ultimately responsible for the deaths of the four Americans in Benghazi.  She is certainly responsible for the fabricated story about the video.  She is as incompetent as she is dishonest.  She would be a disaster as president, as big a disaster as Obama has been and still is.  The world is in chaos because he wanted to lead from behind, to lower our profile.  He has certainly accomplished that.  Our European friends and allies now know we do not have their back.  They know that our president could not care less about the terror he has unleashed upon the world.  He won't care when it happens here, either.  And it will.

We should not be surprised by Obama's non-response to Brussels.  He was equally unmoved by the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hedbo, the Bataclan in Paris, and San Bernardino.  For Obama, this is just the price of doing business.  He refuses to condemn the terrorists with any fervor.  He never, ever uses the words "Islamic terrorism."  He is the acolyte of Jeremiah Wright.

The country is at a crossroads, a dangerous one.  We have been for almost eight years at the mercy of the first anti-American president in American history.  To say he has brought us low is an understatement.  The campaign to elect the next president has become a  tawdry reality show, thanks to Donald Trump, a crass and cruel man who is clever at pushing the buttons of an angry populace but is without a shred of decency.  We can all appreciate his justified skewering of political correctness without making him our nominee.  He is a rich braggart, and he tweets; that is about all there is to Trump.  Ted Cruz is the real deal, a brilliant legal mind, a Reagan conservative who could and would set about turning the nation around, but the media prefers the reality show, no matter how destructive to the country.   

We find ourselves in a very precarious position.  Ignore the broadcast media, and think before you vote. 

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